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Top 5 Leather Manufacturers

Top 5 Leather Manufacturers Who doesn’t love the look of a leather jacket? Or who doesn’t feel a sense of pride when using a leather briefcase? What are the best leather manufacturers available in the industry? The best leather items are manufactured with genuine leather. Unlike other types of fabric, leather naturally stretches or wears […]

Leather Selection Suggestions

Leather Selection Suggestions Leather has been an essential part of fashion for a very long time. Every man requires some good leather products. Leather wallets and belts are trademarks of class. As the economy slows rebounds, it’s crucial to find ways in order to stay within the budget, under a close-fitting time constraint, without sacrificing […]

Hand Tooling Leather Techniques

Hand Tooling Leather Techniques Many people are not aware that tooling a leather is a lot simpler than they’d think and the outcomes can be extremely wonderful. What you need to do is to have the basic tools, a vegetable tanned leather and a sponge and water. At present, anyone can now enjoy leatherwork, you […]

Top 5 Smart Watches 2017

Top 5 Smart Watches Nowadays, the smartwatch is considered as the ultimate smartphone accessory. It will not only tell the time but also beam significant notifications. What is more awesome is that most of the models can perform a lot of novel tricks. From searching the net with your voice, tracking your workout routines, to […]

Types Watch Straps

Top 5 Types of Watch Straps

Top 5 Types  Watch Straps A proper and ideal strap is an important companion to watches. When switching it out, everyone can experiment with a new or unique style. A different strap collection can boost the number of combinations you deserve. To any keen observer, a strap is more visible than the face of your […]

Write for Goriani Leather! Guest bloggers wanted! This year, the Goriani Leather team thought it would be a good thing to allow other of the community and beyond to share their insights on all things performance and Leatherwork. We believe that our readers and our customers could benefit greatly from shared experiences, tips and tricks […]